“Who Runs the Water and Sewer Department?”

During the summer of 2011, the Washington County Observer published a few columns written by West Fork Mayor Frances Hime that addressed some of the questions she received from constituents. The following piece appeared in the August 18, 2011 issue.


“What We’d Like to Know” is a regular response by West Fork Mayor, Frances Hime, to residents’ questions about the City of West Fork.

I am frequently asked a question about a current issue in our City.  All questions seem to begin with, “Why can’t we…” followed by the particular issue contained in the question.  The answer to nearly every question is not always easy to explain because it is couched within the structure of how we govern.  So, here goes the first in what I hope will be a regular question and answer feature where residents submit one or more questions regarding how the City is managed and I try to provide an answer.

“Who Runs Water and Sewer Department?”

The Water and Sewer Department is run by a Commission.  The Commission is responsible for review of the annual budget, audited financial reports, and operations over-all including employees.  The head of the Water and Sewer Department works for the Commission.  The Commission has sole authority to hire and fire the department head.

Members of the Commission are appointed thru a nomination process by other Commission members.  That nomination is submitted to the City Council by the Water and Sewer commission and the Council may appoint or reject the nomination.  The City Council may also remove Water and Sewer Commissioners.

The process of nomination and removal of Commissioners is a “Balance of Powers” which enables the City Council to act on the City’s responsibility to protect the health, welfare and general safety of its residents.

Frances Hime, Mayor

City of West Fork

Questions to the Mayor may be submitted to the Mayor at Mayor@westforkar.gov or by calling 225-1611. 


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