Kicking Tires and Talking Big

Here’s our response to Mayor Himes announcement:

The West Fork Website Committee will have a meeting Saturday morning at 9:30 in the City Administration Bldg’s Council room. The Agenda will include the search for web designers followed by interviews.
All questions should be directed to Frances Hime, Mayor
Phone 225-1611”

With due respect, mayor, the big question here is “Where’s the money?”   Are you’re asking professional web designers to spend Saturday morning being publicly interviewed for a job that has no funding?  Are you saying “We’re just looking; we don’t have the money to buy?”  Kicking tires.

Before too much energy is expended on discussing background themes, color schemes and fancy fonts, perhaps the committee should figure out how to pry $1000 loose from the city council.

We suggest meeting time would be better spent discussing how to send a strong message to the aldermen who voted against funding the website (Drymon, Rossetti, Lowry, Stout, Caudle, and Shafer).

Imagine West Fork linked to the world.

Then, if Wright and Foster would move and second another funding request at the September meeting, another vote can be taken. If two of the six can come to their senses and vote for the website the outcome would be 4 yes, 4 no, the mayor can break the tie.

Overwhelming numbers of West Fork citizens favor having a city website; this is not controversial. The only ones we’ve ever heard make an argument against it are on the city council.

Three years is a long time to talk about a city website without producing one.

The aldermen work for the voters and the election is in 95 days.


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