July 30, 2009

Area newspaper saves civilization: one school lunch room at a time

Having dropped the ball on reporting the latest developments in the single biggest issue for West Fork residents, it seems the NW Arkansas Times has resorted to creating issues where none exist.   The big news in town last week, of course,  focused on Steve Caudle, owner of condemned property at the corner of Main and McKnight.  He requested a restraining order in federal court which was subsequently denied, allowing the City to move forward with its decade long effort to remove blight from downtown. The Times didn’t report that, The Morning News did.

The Times, however, has reported twice in recent weeks and today offers an Editorial on an issue that according to it’s own news article is a non-issue for West Fork residents.  A  Times reporter attended a School Board meeting where among other topics there was a problem solving discussion about cafeteria efficiency.  The Board explored the idea of installing new finger scanning technology that is used in several Arkansas schools.    The Board did not vote to use the device.  There are no plans to install the technology.  The Board was simply doing their job – exploring options to solve problems.

The tone of today’s Times Editorial is designed to appeal to fear and paranoia. We at the West Fork Zephyr certainly encourage citizens to pay close attention to the workings of government at all levels.  We suggest this is best done by making government transparent and increased citizen participation.  We prefer reason over emotion when discussing public affairs.

In fact, we got a bit of a chuckle with the Times’ worn out “slippery slope” argument.  Connecting Bush’s secret spying on world wide terror suspects with the lunch room ladies trying to speed up the serving line seemed a bit of a stretch. 

 Zephyr to Times: Get real.


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July 30, 2009

West Fork in the News

Recent articles from area newspapers.

New West Fork Watershed maps available for free

Northwest Arkansas Times Posted on Wednesday, July 29, 2009

New West Fork Watershed maps are now available for free.

To get a copy of the map, email your name and address to cchandler@bwdh2o.org and put Watershed Map in the subject line.

This 24-by-36-inch map contains educational information about watersheds, wildlife and history on one side, and a map on the other side detailing water features and local landmarks. The map was produced by Beaver Water District and Audubon Arkansas. Full article.


Some rural water customers favor leak protection fees

BY VERNON TARVER Northwest Arkansas Times Posted on Tuesday, July 28, 2009

 A customer survey taken by the Washington Water Authority revealed customers could be in favor of some sort of leak protection added to their bills. Full article.


 Fast food: School districts look at fingerprint scanner to make lunch lines more efficient

BY BRETT BENNETT Northwest Arkansas TimesPosted on Monday, July 27, 2009

 In the same way DVDs became favored over video tapes, new technologies are phasing out the days when students paid for cafeteria meals with cash or a pre-paid meal cards.  Full article.


Times Editorial : Lunch, too?

Northwest Arkansas Times Posted on Thursday, July 30, 2009

 A good deal of modern literature – and,in recent years, front pages around the world – have focused on the slow, steady encroachment of government into our lives. One example is former President Bush’s top secret efforts to spy on people his administration considered terror suspects here in the United States.

On its face, using technology to protect civilians sounds like a common-sense use of resources. Critics were quick to point out, however, that the list of figures qualifying as “threats to national security” written by Dick Cheney may look very different than a ranking put together by Democrats on Capitol Hill. In other words, by giving Uncle Sam a green light, how can anyone be sure they aren’t the target of Uncle Sam’s watching eye? Click here for the full editorial.

West Fork’s World

July 28, 2009
Catch of the Day

Catch of the Day

West Fork residents Bradley Farris and Justin Jordan spent the morning down by the river.  It was time well spent.

Sell Your Stuff

July 26, 2009

One of the unique aspects of an online publication is that the writer can see what the reader is interested in.  In internet jargon this is done by counting the “pings” .   When a reader opens a particular page, a ping is recorded and the number of pings  is available to the writer. 

One of the most popular pages in the West Fork Zephyr is the classified ad page.  We get a lot of pings on the classified ad page, but funny thing, there’s not really much there to sell.   So we figured out how to fix that – we’ll make the ads free (at least from now until Labor Day).  We changed the page name too; now it’s Stuff for Sale.  Whatever – car,truck, clothes, items, and yard sale announcements.  If you want to sell it send us the info (about 20 words),  include a photo if you want.  Email to WestForkZephyr@gmail or  U.S. mail to P.O. Box 844, West Fork, Ar72774.  Include contact information.

A New ‘Community Center’

July 25, 2009
A profile of White River Yoga

A profile of White River Yoga

If you’ve driven into Fayetteville from West Fork and beyond, then you’ve no doubt seen the changes undergone at the old stone house across the street from the Greenland School. The once dilapidated structure, which use to be a grocery story (among other things),  has gotten  not only a face-lift, but also a rejuvenating transformation within. 

Thanks to Sue Morrison and her contractor husband, the building is now White River Yoga (WRY) and, boy,  is it an impressive sight  inside.

Sue opened WRY in January and said the center has been getting better and better with each passing month.

“People are really surprised it’s doing really well,” says Sue. “It’s just been growing. We get a lot of people from West Fork and Winslow coming home from work.” Sue said about 75 percent of her students are brand new to yoga.

Yoga is a great way to fortify the body against daily wear-and-tear. It’s also great for rehabilitation – as Sue knows firsthand.

Sue Morrison

Sue Morrison

After an accident and a botched surgery left Sue unable to use her right arm without hindrance, she began practicing yoga. It was at an Anasura Yoga workshop that she realized what she wanted to do. Anasura Yoga follows the “Universal Principles of Alignment,” which you should check out yourself here and here.

The mind and body therapy was so successful, Sue decided to get serious with the art and become certified as a teacher. Sue has traveled to Miami, Tucson, and Boston (to name a few places)  training and learning from the best and has been teaching in NW Arkansas since 2003.

 Sue says classes are based on a theme. For instance, during the Thanksgiving season, a class may dedicate its time to the idea of gratitude, she says. Apart from the regular classes that Sue teaches – including Partner Yoga Massage classes, a Prenatal Class, and Yoga for Kids  –  the space is also used for a few martial arts classes and in September a natural health consultant will open up shop in the back room of the building.

“This place is kind of turning into a community center,” laughs Sue, half-joking.

For more information about White River Yoga, check out the website here.

Fresh is Best

July 25, 2009

West Fork Garden Market On the Green

Breaking News

July 25, 2009

Maybe it is Over

Magistrate Recommends Denial Of Restraining Order

The Morning News  Last updated Friday, July 24, 2009 7:25 pm
A federal magistrate has recommended Judge Jimm Hendren not issue a restraining order against West Fork.

Steve Caudle asked for a restraining order Tuesday to keep city officials from demolishing a residence and business building at the corner of Main Street and McKnight Avenue.

Magistrate James R. Marschewski said in a report issued Thursday that Caudle had not met his burden of establishing the necessity of a temporary restraining order.  Full story.